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Hailing from Toronto, Mary is a 2nd year law school student at Osgoode Hall.  An aspiring immigration lawyer with a strong interest in human rights and community development, Mary has had the opportunity to pursue her passions outside of the classroom as an events coordinator for Women offering Wisdom, intern for the Female Lawyers Association of Gambia, and Research & Advocacy Division intern at the Foundation for Human Rights Initiatives in Uganda. She currently serves as Co-President of Osgoode’s Black Students Association, and Junior Project Director for Osgoode’s International Legal Partnership.
Legal Interests: International Human Rights Law, Immigration Law


Therese is a communications and digital media specialist based in Toronto. Pulling from her Book and Media Studies degree from the University of Toronto, experience managing social media channels for small businesses, and passion for academic success, Therese has a meaningful understanding of the intersection between media, technology, and education. When not working on YBPL initiatives, you can find her blogging on #AfricanFashion or songwriting.
Legal Interests: Intellectual Property Law